Interior Design Reviews

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Interior Design Reviews

"My house needed a complete overhaul and I needed expertise both to guide and inspire. I had not used an interior designer before and was not sure what to expect.

I had seen Utoopia Mix Interiors on social media and decided to contact Susie.

She replied immediatey and booked a conslutation. From that first meeting it was obvious that Susie knew how to bring out the best in my house. She was also able to use my own preferences and also offer radical new ideas to accomplish a fantastic finished result. I am extremely pleased the finished product and have since recommended Susie / Utopia Mix Interiors to friends and family"



"Susie called punctually to help me chose colour schemes for my bathroom and bedroom. She was friendly and professional and her advice was invaluable. Moreover she opened my eyes to colours I had not considered. I would definitely recomend Susie"



"What a tremendous service we received from Susie. Her expert advice and wonderful ideas have brightened up our home. We are having to do a room at a time but we will certainly be back for more advice and decorating expertise. Her eye for detail and general professionalism go a long way and the end result is exquisite! Thank you"


Greater Manchester 

"Susie is fantastic, she is very talented and professional! Definitely would recommend"


Ashton Under Lyne

"I first used Utopia Mix Interiors to make over my guest bedroom. I was going on holiday for a week and just wanted someone to take control and get it done. I didn't want to have to shop for items, decide on colours etc as it would never have happened. Susie came round, reviewed the space and then came up with a colour scheme. I gave her a budget and left her to it.

I couldn't of been happier when I got back. She had taken care of everything. The decorating, carpet, furniture,accessories, it was all done, I came back to a complete room make over.

I trusted Susie implicitly and wasn't worried for one minute what I would come back to, as I know she has very good taste and we had discussed the look I was looking to achieve. The only trouble was, I fell in love with the wow factor of the spare room so much, I had to get her back to work her magic on the rest of the house.

Since her first visit she has been involved with every room in one way or another.

Everything from a general re-organise, declutter, to colour change and restyling. She even helped me pull together the look I wanted in the garden. I really cannot sing Susie's praises highly enough and would recommend (and have done) to everyone. I feel I have fallen back in love with my house again. Its surprising what a difference it can make to your life when you feel comfortable in the space you spend most of your time."




"I didn't know what to expect when I agreed to let Susie 'pop-round' to my house to advise on interior design ideas. By pop round, it was about a 40 mile round trip.

Right from the start Susie was enthusiastic and saw colour schemes and room ideas instantly for the whole of my downstairs ensuring, the rooms would flow. I felt at complete ease with Susie as she was so confident and upbeat about the house and how she would transform it.

Susie did everything, from colour choices to advising the decorator on what paints to buy. She shopped, searched and sourced virtually everything. She also came round and spent the day helping us to put everything together when the decorator finally finished. Styling lamps, cushion, throws and accessories.  

I wouldn't have managed any of this by myself. I will recommend Susie to every one. Those small finishing touches do make a big difference.

Thanks Susie, you've been a complete star and I absolutely love the finished result"